Yesterday, I was having a long conversation with my brother about work and millennial problems — the idea to reach for the stars. We both agreed “following your passion” and “finding your potential” is an incredibly American idea. Classic Tony Robbins and Steve Jobs.

I started out interning through a school program in DC, applied as an Intern twice to get into the State Dept. I found a position with the Office of Policy Planning. When Trump came in, I left along with the rest of the Secretary’s Office and rejoined as a contractor. I was hit by a car…

One lesson I had learned witnessing the Trump transition at State was that while policies and programs may not outlast an administration, the work can continue with advancing priorities under shared values, iterating upon what works, and working with the private sector.

In the private sector, I witness an incredible array of work by innovators in climate science, aerospace, and defense protecting human lives and achieving security and sustainability agendas through greener, cheaper, lighter, and more efficient technologies.

I had an opportunity to work on a program called Engage America — a whole of government initiative to bring policies closer…

South Korea has historically been reliant on foreign suppliers for the core technologies. Many of its advanced weapons systems are based on technologies developed outside South Korea.

To mitigate the dependence and facilitate the technological development of the defense sector the commercial R&D activities carried out by the state are increasingly being outsourced to the defense industries.

One way to bring in foreign technologies into the defense industrial ecosystem is to work with local partners, suppliers, trading companies, and manufacturers that already have a contract with the ADD (Agency for Defense and Development.)

You’ll also need to get through the…

The idea of impact investing and how to allocate capital based on different approaches have diverged over time. Asset classes can be clustered according to the way investments would deliver financial return by the approach that they take. As illustrated by the below frameworks, impact investments are intended to align with an investor’s preference. In the impact investing spectrum, one end has the traditional investing mechanism and the other philanthropy and can compare the extent of impact and risk in an impact portfolio. …

I was fortunate to tune into a conversation with Liran Grinberg the Managing Partner of Team8 Capital, a global cybersecurity VC. He founded Team 8 in 2014 with the former Head of the Israeli intelligence unit, 8200, Nadav Zafrir.

Team8’s company-building Foundry model de-risk process to venture investing, which is a process of “co-founding and serial-investing.” This led to serial investing into enterprises such as the creation of Sygnia ($250M exit with x60 return in 3 years) and Claroty, the world’s leader in Industrial Cybersecurity, backed by Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Schneider Electric, General Motors, BMW Group and more.

Here are…

The government hearings with tech leaders led me to think about how to lead out of the confusion, complexities, and challenges of a hyper-connected today.

Citizens are better informed, networked, organized, and demanding with enormous influence.

Businesses, in this case, Facebook, struggle with the speed at which companies’ reputations, consumer values, and expectations evolve with greater transparency.

Governments face greater constraints to solve a whole set of problems without much room for maneuvering — missing the mark for effective leadership or judgment. …

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